Psg medallion user thermostat manual

PSG Controls, Inc. Models. TDMP24- run the energy saving program or to MANUAL for single setpoi. May 12, 2011 . How to change a PSG Medallion thermostat to the Celsius scale.This thermostat was designed to the highest reliability and ease of use standards. Thank you for ch. This thermostat is designed to operate line voltage electric resistance type heating.. User Note. User Menu. 6. Thermostat Operation. 6. Thermostat Schedule. 7. Troubleshooting . 7-8. Homeowner Help. Mounting and wiring your new thermostat .. Failure to follow and read all instructions carefully. Thermostat troubleshooting. BLANK SCREEN. 1. Make sure that the furnace power is turned on at the b. May 28, 2004 . Their use should be discretionary, depending on the level of mechanical aptitude y.

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